Hunger Drive Clubs

Students are the key to ending hunger and Hunger Drive Clubs will give students the opportunity to get involved in the fight against hunger in their school district. The sooner students get involved in learning about hunger, helping raise awareness, and fighting to end hunger, the better chance we will have in ending hunger with our next generation. 


There are many ways for students to get involved in the fight against hunger:


SNAP Challenge:

The SNAP Challenge encourages students to experience what life is like for the millions of
Americans living on the average SNAP allowance of about $29 a week. Taking the Challenge for a week will give students a better understanding of what hunger feels like.

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Creating Healthy Eating Flyers:

Students can help other students make better food choices by creating healthy eating flyers in their schools. The flyers will give tips on healthy foods to eat, exercising, and maintaining a healthy weight.

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After-School Snack Program:

Breakfast carts can be restocked with food items students can pick up on their way out of school at the end of the day. Students in Hunger Drive Clubs can help stock carts and man checkout registers.

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Weekend Backpacks:

Backpacks filled with nutritious food for the weekend can mean the difference between eating healthy food and eating food with little or no health value.

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Engaging Legislators:

A consistent email and phone call campaign to local, state, and federal legislators will keep the fight against hunger at the forefront.

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School District Hunger Walks:

September is National Hunger Month and is a great time for students to organize walks in their school districts and raise awareness about hunger.

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Food Pantry Volunteering:

Hunger Drive Club members can take the lead and volunteer at their local food pantry. Stocking shelves, picking up donated goods, and delivering meals are a few ways students can make a difference.

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Senior Meal Delivery & Companionship

With 12,000 seniors turning 65 everyday, 14 million living alone, $50 billion in medical costs each year treating senior falls, 40% reporting difficulty with mobility, 27% reporting cognitive issues and 10 million seniors facing hunger on a daily basis……. the time is now for students to help care for our most vulnerable.

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Cornhole for Hunger Leagues

Students organizing Cornhole for Hunger Leagues will help raise awareness about hunger in their school district. Cornhole is a fun game that students will enjoy playing, competing against one another and against other schools……all the while helping end hunger.

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