Hunger Walks

Actions you can take:

  • WALK - your physical activity shows you care. (2-3 hrs)
  • EDUCATE - hunger is a local and global problem. Learn, then share with others. (as little as 1 hr)
  • FUNDRAISE - make a difference by asking for donations to provide food and water. (as little as 1 hr)
  • VOLUNTEER - recruit a team from your school (as little as 1 hr), serve on the planning team (4-6 hrs), help on walk day (2-4 hrs).
  • CREATE - Use your talents in art, speaking, acting, music to create videos, memes, skits, etc. (2 hrs)

Hunger Walks can impact Your life!

  • Connect to likeminded students and faculty
  • Community service hours for school (all opportunities above can be expanded for more hrs)
  • Leadership, networking and learning opportunities
  • Deepen your understanding of poverty in our world (a life skill)
  • Great content for your college application/ resume