Food Pantry Volunteering

5 Things I’ve learned from volunteering at a Food Bank

  1. Donating food is excellent, but monetary donations are great, too! Food banks can supply several meals for just $1! Our local food bank states that they can supply 7 meals for $1. That is definitely a lot more than I could provide for $1. While I donate canned goods and other healthy foods during collection periods, the food bank can stretch my dollar farther than I am able.
  2. Food banks get support from not only the community, but they can get support from brand companies, too. For instance, Gold Peak® is currently partnering with Feeding America to help fight hunger.
  3. Some food banks collect non-food items. Many food banks will distribute personal care items and toiletries. I always thought of a food bank as only ‘’food”. Check the website or call your local food bank to see if they collect personal care items and to get a list of their most needed items.

  1. Food banks are there to not only feedfamilies in need, but also to help familiesconsume healthy meals. When donating food, I donate canned vegetables, proteins, unsweetened beverages and not junk food or sweets. For families in need, it’s important for them to receive a boxed wellbalanced meal.
  2. Donating is important, but volunteering is also important. Food banks rely on volunteers for everything from unwrapping pallets, stocking shelves, assisting with special events, and more.